Valet Parking - Causing a stir in a special way


Valet Parking is the icing on the cake for your event or location! Many limousine services provide good service - but due to our special offers we are different to our business competition.

Just visit and see for yourself.

Stand out from the crowd by providing your guests with something special - like "Valet Parking". In the USA Valet Parking is already very popular.

Cause a stir with Valet Parking! Valet Parking means: We worry about the searching for the parking places. Your guests can hand their cars over to our employees - right in front of the event location - and save time and nerves. Your guests will arrive much more slackly at your location.

Our experienced Valet Parkers really care about customer vehicles. We had no damages on vehicles up to now. Needless to say that our insurance pay the costs if one of our employees however causes a damage.


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