Quality Management - In-House Training


Our experienced and competent team members always give their best.

A good reputation and the absolute trust of our customers is the foundation of our business success.

Professional acumen, however, is not the only factor that counts. Empathy, motivation, flexibility, accountability and an impeccable service mentality are the ingredients that make a team extraordinarily successful.

"We want our customers to have the feeling that we do everything in our power to cater 100% to their wishes and requirements.

To ensure this degree of quality, our team members are the key and foundation!

Of course we are intent at hiring employees with excellent credentials and a high degree of social competence. Over and above this, we help our employees grow through regular training and development."

A. Kraus
Graduate in Business Administration (Diploma) & Bachelor of Arts
General Manager and Head of Marketing & Public Relations

We support all of our employees with in-house training, workshops and professional skills seminars, such as driver safety training. Our customers give us regular enthusiastic testimonials regarding the high level of skill and commitment and to having had a memorable customer experience.

For many years now, we have been helping our employees develop themselves with the professional assistance of an international human resources organization, promakosa GmbH (Internet: http://www.promakosa.de).


::: We have successfully conducted the following seminars
Executive Level:
General Manager(s)

- Self-management, time management
- Leadership skills

Middle Management:
Dispatchers, Shift Leaders, Sales Representatives

- Communication skills
- Customer orientation workshoup
- Sales training
- Self-development, time management
- Project management for project leaders


- Soft skill seminars
- Communication seminars
- Etiquette training
- Driver safety training
- Tour Guide Training (Individual Sightseeing Driver)


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